WW2 US Buy That Invasion Bond Poster by R. Moore

WW2 Buy That Invasion Bond D-Day Poster

There were hundreds of posters created by the US government during World War Two.  They were used to do many different types of things. This poster is one of my favorites because I love the subject matter.

It was created by the US Treasury to help sell war bonds in 1944.  It was by the artist R. Moore and depicts a landing by US troops from landing craft on to an enemy held beach.   The troops are under heavy fire from enemy artillery and and troops as they storm the beach.   I think the action packed subject matter is very appealing.

This particular poster is fairly hard to find today.  They do not often come up for sale and when they do, they usually sell for a price higher than comparable other US bond posters.

Date on the poster

Paratroops in Action WW2 US AirborneToy Soldiers All Fair Game

WWII US Airborne Paratroops Paper Toy Soldiers in Box

The image on the front of this box of WWII US Paratrooper toy soldiers is one of my favorite from WWII.  I really like just about any toy or homefront item that has to do with WWII airborne, but this one I particularly like because it has a representation of a jump wing along with the paratroopers jumping into combat.

The paper toy soldiers inside are also great.  They are wearing the early M41 style of jump suits which is usually not seen in these items, since the M41 jump suit was not used for very long during World War Two.