World War One German Camouflage Painted Helmet

WWI Painted Helmet Overview

As you can probably tell from the content of this blog, I am most interested in World War Two related items.  I do also have an interest in World War One items, especially WWI German camouflage painted steel helmets.

I have always loved the look of WWI German camo helmets.  Additionally, although the Germans had regulations issued about how they were to be painted, in reality each one is a little different since they were hand done.  This allows for the endless small variations that us militaria collectors seem to enjoy finding.

This particular World War One German helmet is a nice original and is complete with chinstrap and liner.

WWII F/506 PIR 101st Airborne Division Grouping Jump Boots And Field Gear

Jump Boots

These jump boots and field gear are more items from the huge F Company, 506th PIR, 101st Airborne Division grouping that has been subject of previous posts.  The jump boots have the brass eyelets seen on early boots.  The aviators kit bags were popular with airborne troops to carry and store their items.  There are a number of manuals in this group, but I chose to just photo one which is my favorite.  It illustrates unarmed combat techniques.