WWII 82nd Airborne and 101st Airborne Division uniforms, helmets, and other artifacts will be the focus of this site since they are the focus of the ETO portion of the admin’s US WWII militaria collection.  I also collect Airborne items from the 11th Airborne, 13th Airborne, and 17th Airborne Divisions, so there will also be posts related to those Airborne units.   Additionally, I will also post WWII USMC related items and WWII 10th Mountain Division items, as these are other militaria items that I collect.

All items shown are original period items and are from the collection of the admin of this site, unless otherwise noted.  The items shown on this site are not for sale.  Occasionally, I may list a duplicate or something that no longer fits within my collecting parameters, for sale, but this will be listed in a separate “for sale” portion of the site.

I have been collecting and researching United States military artifacts and souvenirs for over thirty years.  My Grandfather was a WWII US Navy Veteran who participated in the Okinawa campaign.  My first items for my collection came from him.  Over the years,  I have had the privilege of meeting and interacting with hundreds of US WWII veterans from all branches of service and all theaters of war.  Some have been family members or neighbors, others teachers or professors, I have had some as clients, and I have met many through my hobby of collecting militaria.  There are many things that have impressed me about them, but one of things that most impresses me is their universal humbleness about their service in WWII.  This site is dedicated to all US veterans of WWII.  They helped save the world from tyranny and fascism.

The admin of this site can be contacted at:  airbornejumpjacket@gmail.com

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