WW2 Paramarine Dress Uniform

This World War Two USMC Parmarine dress green uniform belonged to a member of the 2nd Paramarine Battalion.  He was with the 2nd Paramarine Battalion during all of their campaigns in the PTO.  This uniform is part of a much larger grouping to this veteran.

The uniform has an Australian made Paramarine patch on the upper left sleeve and a parachute striker on the left cuff.  The Australian made Paramarine patch was very popular with the Paramarines during the war.

He has attached a piece of red felt underneath the patch.  This practice was common among Marines from many different  types of combat units during WW2 and is referred to by collectors today as a blooded patch.  His jump wings are US Army style sterling pinback wings and his ribbon bars are the wider USMC/Navy version.


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