WWII Japanese Navy Special Naval Landing Forces SNLF Helmet

Japanese Navy Helmet Front View

WW2 Japanese Navy Helmet Front View

This WW2 Japanese Navy helmet is a type that is most often associated today with being worn by the Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces (SNLF) during the war.  They were also worn by other members of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) during WWII.

Although they were not a separate branch of service like the US Marines were, the SNLF was roughly the Japanese equivalent of the USMC.  They were members of the Imperial Japanese Navy that were trained and equipped for fighting on land.  Members of the Special Naval Landing Forces were stationed on a number of the islands that US forces invaded during World War Two.

This particular helmet, with the navy anchor painted on the front, is the later style of the Japanese Navy helmet.  This style was produced approximately in the 1943-1945 period.  The previous version of the navy helmet had a metal anchor device that was affixed to the front of the helmet.

This helmet also has the correct navy style of liner and chinstraps, and they are original to this helmet.  The chinstraps are the thinner type that are sometimes seen on these later navy helmets.

I have always really liked WW2 Japanese helmets because I think they have a great look and they often will have interesting Veteran capture/bring back history.  I am always interested in adding nice WWII Japanese helmets, that still have their liners, to my collection.  I am especially looking for helmets that have original covers and/or nets, capture history, or battle damage.  If you have an original WWII Japanese helmet you are interested in selling, please click on my war souvenirs wanted page to find out how to email me.  I am also always interested in high quality original WWII Japanese Army and Navy uniforms, field gear, and swords.  I would love to hear what you have.